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Special edition of Eleftherotypia's Epsilon magazine, 2007-2008 Gourmet Awards:
The city of Chania could--contrast to the rest of the prefecture--lack in good restaurants, however with some good searching one can discover...a source of water. The well--which indeed can be found right in the center--has given its name to this beautiful restaurant located in the heart of an old Ottoman neighborhood. Paired together with its visual presentation is also the taste, and here you will find a--full of aromas, juices, and consistency--version of Arabic cuisine. Add to this a substantial wine list and effective service and you have above all a reason to give up, at least temporarily, the unsurpassed Cretan cuisine.
Frommers guide:
This restaurant offers one of the more distinctive dining "experiences" in Crete through the combination of the menu and the setting. It is located in the heart of the old Turkish quarter (Splanzia), in a historic old building with an interior well. Diners may choose to sit outside in a quiet street-court. The chef brings to the cuisine imaginative touches that make it more than standard Middle Eastern. In addition to tasty kebabs, there are such specialties as meatballs with eggplant mixed in, and laxma bi azeen, a pita-style bread with a spicy topping. Middle Eastern musicians sometimes play here, and you can settle for a quiet drink at the bar.
In a review of the book The Chania Town News, by Douglas Bullis, Atelier Books, 2001:

Jenny's Place (Chapter 10), for me is another pearl...  Jenny Payavla is the owner of the 'Well of the Turk' restaurant on the Splantzia.  The chapter is really about Jenny, although there is a fascinating description of the building and its history, some of her own history and how she and her husband created the place.  About the menu, the food and certainly not least - Jenny's belief that "Money can buy either things or events. Things don't last, but an event is with you forever.  You don't buy a meal at the Well of the Turk, you buy an event."  Douglas Bullis is at his best when writing of his conversations with people - this chapter is some of his very fine wine. 

Submissions on

Go hunting! by Robin Price
Try to find this restaurant if you can. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Quite low key, tucked away in the back streets of the old town, The Well of the Turk serves very good food that is a little bit different to the other restaurants and tavernas in the area. The food is a mix between north african and greek due to the mixed backgound of the owner and where possible organic produce is used. Not the cheapest place in town but still worth every penny. You don't have to believe all the guide books and these reviews but have a try and see what you think.

The Well of the Turks by Kolla
We found it on our last evening in was sooooo good,
the best in Chania. It is hard to find but worth it for a creative blend of north african, middle eastern and Greek food, set in an old Turkish house with a well, of course. Great surroundings and good atmosphere, and top service. Take Karaoli Dimitriou at the bottom of Halidon, it becomes Sifaka (there are shops selling knives on your right) look down the alley here for signs to the Deaf and Dumb Association of Chania. You will stumble across the restaurant...if unsure keep asking people around for it...they usually know where it is. It is a meal you wont forget...I have been missing it for nearly a year now!!!                              

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