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My family once had a house
inTangier, Morocco, where I
used to spend my summer
holidays. There I met a gay
Moroccan man with eclectic
tastes in everything from cars
(he drove a lovely old Jaguar)
to food and we quickly became
friends. He loved cooking and
eating, so we spent most of
our time together doing just
that, sampling everything from
the roadside sheep’s head to
fabulous French-Moroccan
restaurants. As a result of our
friendship, I learned to appreciate
the subtleties and wonderful
flavours of Middle Eastern
red peppers with anchovies
tabouleh Later, when I first came to Greece, I lived with my mother-in-law Antigone for several months while my husband was in the army. I could not speak the language at first, but we communicated through the kitchen, where she taught me the art of Mediterranean cooking. And I must make special mention of my mother, who is the messiest cook but everything she makes is delicious because she always uses the best and the freshest ingredients.

The food which is served in my restaurant is a fusion of these influences.
sample menu
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