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Opposite the 13th century church of Agia Irene, a historic building at Kallinikou Sarpaki 1-3 contains The Well of the Turk and a marble fountain depicting scenes from Istanbul. This building has been converted into a delightful restaurant and bar. Here you can listen to Middle Eastern music and enjoy a delicious dinner of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern specialities away from the crowds and tourist tumult of the harbour.
The Turks in Crete

In March of 1645, the Sultan Ibrahim declared war on the Knights of Malta, who had taken his wife and younger son prisoners as they were crossing the Aegean Sea to Mecca. From Constantinople (Istanbul), an enormous fleet of 440 ships carrying 60,000 men set sail to punish the Maltese.
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hamam Sailing near the coast of the Peloponnese, the Admiral Yousouf Pasha set shore on the island of Kythira (north of Chania), demanding coffee and sugar from the Venetian commanding officer. The Venetian happily served him and, in addition, sent a request to the commander of the castle-fortress of Chania for the peaceful passage of the Turkish fleet.

Early on the morning of June 11, the Turkish fleet sailed from Kythira, supposedly on the way to Malta. At dawn the following day, the enormous war machine landed on the island of Crete.

The trick had worked!
During the following 253 years of Turkish occupation, the invaders, with the backing of Islam, became Cretan-Turkish, firmly establishing roots on the island but always in opposition to the resident Christian Cretans who fought constantly for their freedom.
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